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1. Silver Moon Woods  LISTEN
2. Merlyn and the Crossing LISTEN
3. Through the Mysts LISTEN
4. The Summerlands LISTEN
5. Queen of the Moon LISTEN
6. The Dragon's Breath LISTEN
7. The Calling LISTEN
8. The Crystal Castle LISTEN
9. Seeking the Candle LISTEN

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In the continuing style of his bestselling album Moonlore, the theme of Llewellyn's new album is about a young druid woman who crosses over into the Otherworld via a fine myst of fog. Her journey leads her into the Summerlands - a magical realm where Merlyn takes her to meet Cerridwen - Queen of the Moon - in a beautiful crystal castle that resides in a purple myst on the mystical island of Avalon.

Inspired by the imagery of the classic novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Llewellyn's Mysts of Avalon takes the listener away into the romantic and magical world of the Celts. It combines Llewellyn's unique keyboard playing with Uilleann Pipes,Celtic Whistles,Guitars,Piano,Flutes and Skin drums. Mysts of Avalon also features Chris Conway on celtic flutes, Kevin Kendle on keyboards and the beautiful angelic voice of Juliana.

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