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Lorna Doone is a romantic tale of love, honour, bravery and treachery set in the valleys of Exmoor during the time of James II and the Monmouth Rebellion. Inspired by this classic love story, Llewellyn composed an album called "LORNA". This exclusive MP3 Download features the full recorded version of the song "Our Secret Place" performed by Llewellyn & Juliana taken from the "LORNA" Album. In this song Llewellyn is John Ridd and Juliana is Lorna Doone.


The powerful Doone family are feared throughout the county because of their savage and violent ways. John Ridd, whose own father they killed, encounters the beautiful Lorna at the secret waterfall which becomes their secret meeting place.
The Album opens with the atmospheric song 'Afraid' when Lorna first discovers John nearly drowned by the waterfall to Doone Valley that he discovers by accident when fishing and falls in.

John's family (his sister Annie and Mother) are frightened because John has not returned home. Families live in times that are dangerous and everyone fears the Doones who frequent the moors to rob and murder. This imagery is brought alive in the second track from Lorna entitled 'These are the times'. When John sees Lorna, he immediately falls in love with her. Lorna insists that he must go and never return or they will both be killed by the Doones. Lorna also feels a deep attraction to John but knows that when John discovers she is a Doone, his feelings will turn to hate and anger. Juliana beautifully captures Lorna's pain in one of the Album's highlight songs 'He must have known'.

John is surprised to learn that his one true love is a Doone but tells Lorna that it doesn't matter and she finally agrees to meet
him at the secret waterfall many times. Their love blossoms but Lorna is to be wed to Carver Doone - an evil man who becomes head of the Doone family when Sir Ensor Doone dies. It was Carver Doone who killed John's father....continue


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