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We are all affected by the power of the Moon each month of the year. Like the moon waxes and wanes does our energy levels. I quickly discovered that when embarking on a brand new album project, that the starting phase of the moon could have considerable influence throughout the WHOLE of the album creation process and even down to the resulting sales and character of the album.

Understanding the Moon's effects on us means that we wont be fighting against it but rather working with it to our advantage. Learning to live your life with the flow of the Moon cycles and tapping into the energies is one of the easiest, most effective magikal techniques around.

The Moon Goddess by Carolynn Clare Townsend
The moon holds a fascination for many people and for some she is a deity. This is not surprising when you consider the effect that the moon has on the tidal seas of our planet - we are, after all, 90% water ourselves !

For the album Moonlore, Llewellyn asked me to explain the triple aspects of the Moon Goddess - Maiden, Mother and Crone.

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