Where to See Celtic Music Live

The music is addicting 

You may have heard a recording of Celtic music played and sung by one of the variety of groups that still play it today. The music remains popular even though the Celtic people lost their lands and national identity about 1600 or so years ago.

The people may be gone in one sense but the good news is that their music can be heard around the world today. It is not hard to find a place to sit and watch, listen to and enjoy Celtic music with a modern touch.

If you are going to Ireland… 

One of the best places to see live Celtic Music is to travel to one of the countries where it all began. Ireland and Irish pubs are the best place to enjoy good live Celtic music performers.

The city of Dublin is one of the more popular cities to find a great variety of Celtic music being played every night in the local pubs. A good tourist information center in the city can set you up with a long list of great places to get a bite to eat, a pint of beer and a hearty set of Celtic music.

If you like bag pipes… 

You may want to extend your Irish vacation with a visit to Scotland. There the Celtic musicians add in the bag pipe to give their Celtic music an identity all of its own. You can hear the Celtic music at any of the number of parades that take place throughout the country.

And like Ireland, there are a host of pubs and bars that provide you with modern versions of Celtic music on a nightly basis. You may even hear it played as you walk through the streets of the different Scottish cities

Not to be outdone 

Celtic music is not limited to Ireland or the land of Europe. Both Boston and Vancouver have Celtic music outlets. Usually these outlets are bars and pubs which feature the music as their trademark

For Vancouver you may only hear the music on Tuesdays and Thursday each week, while Boston may have it more nights of the week.

There is always Celtic concerts 

The popularity of groups like the Celtic Women and the Celtic Thunder allows a person to go to their nearest ticket out let and find a live concert of Celtic music. These are just two of the groups that still perform before a live audience.

These concerts are still a popular entertainment option and tickets may sell out early.

Last verse

It has been said before and we will say it again. The Celtic people have long been absorbed into modern European nations and have disappeared from history. Yet their music still lives on bringing joy to the thousands who attend the concerts and live shows at the different pubs around the world.

A little research should find a Celtic music outlet near you.