Who Were the Celts?

They came into history 

It is really not known exactly when the Celtic people became their own nation. Their origins are shrouded and lost to time. Time has a way of destroying any evidence of a people’s origins.

But it is about the 7th or 8th century BC that the Celtics were first recorded in historical records. They may have been recorded as early as the 13th century BC but that fact remains disputed today.

Ancient writers gave the name Celts not to one people but to a group of individual societies living in the European area at that time. Through the centuries different inventions of Celtic culture rose and fell as people died out and new ones with new ideas took their place.

The Celtic expansion 

Not content to live in their European regions, the Celtic people sought to expand their territory. They were very much like other nations who needed a lot of land to develop their culture and people.

One of their favorite regions was north of the Alps. To them that climate and environment was just right for their people and their warrior like nature. But they were not content with just that region of Europe.Somehow they got wind of the British Isles and decided to move into that region as well.

The Celts reached Britain about the 5th century BC and them moved into Ireland and Scotland about 200 years later. These are all possible dates as their migration may have been earlier.

Although seen as individual tribes, the Gaels, Gauls, Britons, Irish, and Gallations were all Celtic people.

The push of the Romans 

It was probably the expanding Roman Empire that helped push the Celts towards the British Isles. That Empire in its early years conquered just about everything in its path, including Celtic European territory.

It was Julius Caesar who defeated the Celtic Gauls in around 55 BC but his invasion of the British islands was a failure. In fact, it wasn’t till 100 years later that the Romans were able to conquer Britain.

Because the Roans could not defeat Scotland and other Celtic territories on the islands, including Ireland, Hadrian’s Wall was built to keep the Celts out of Roman territory.

The Celtic Religion & Warfare 

The Druid religion is often associated with the Celtic people but once Christianity came to Ireland it slowly was eradicated and still practiced by a few people today. Despite their religious beliefs or because of them, the Celtic people were quite the warrior.

Often depicted as long haired and strong muscular bodies, they fought hard whenever they conquered or fought against invaders. It is said that they used chariots against Julius Caesar when he invaded their territory.

Last verse

As killed as horseman and fighting men that they were, the Celtic people could not stop history. Most of their lands were taken from them but many of the people in Ireland, Scotland and other European countries still trace their roots to the Celtic people of ancient times.