Our Love for the Celts and Their Music

You can’t get away from it 

History class may not have been the most exciting class during your high school years but a little history helps one to appreciate the Celts and their stunning music. Knowing where the music came from and the people behind the music makes Celtic music even more special.

Who were the Celts 

The Celtic people lived a long time ago. They ruled their lands from 500 BC to 400 AD and those lands extended from Scotland and Ireland to Wales, French Brittany and Spanish Galicia. It is thought that their lands extended to the Danube as well.

The ancient Greeks labelled the Celts as one of the 4 great barbarian nations, yet their society was probably as far from the barbarians as the Greeks were, While they resided in clans and were ruled by chieftains who guided and protected each individual Celtic society.

In later years, Celtic societies often elected magistrates to rule over them but these elected officials probably did not wield much power.

They were not barbarian 

While the Greeks may have thought of the Celts as barbarians, their ordered society sent a different message. In the hierarchy of Celtic life, men of art were held in high esteem. These men produced wonderful art work a=that was both beautiful and sought after.

Beside art, their work included creating exquisite jewelry, weapons, and even great music. So respected were these men and their art that many of the noble elite gave themselves the title men of art so that they could be respected and held in high regard

Their title of barbarian may have been given to them by the manner in which they fought their battles. They did not follow strategic military alignments going into battle nor did they follow civilized rules on military conduct.

Their music plays on 

While the Celtic nation ended up disappearing into obscurity, it is their music that lives on and is played throughout the world. Since the Celts lived in a variety of European regions, the influences on their music was often varied. The Scottish Celtic music may be a little different than the French Brittany style of Celtic music and so on.

The lute, violin, flute, harp bag pipes and other common instruments were the foundation of Celtic music. Each musically inclined Celt made their own instruments and a child played their parents’ until they were old enough to make their own.

The dominate music has been the Irish and Scottish versions

Last verse

There are Celtic people still living today but they do not have their own national identity anymore. That does not stop us from loving the people or their music. The Celtic people may have lived in small villages for all of their lives and did not have the advantages of modern technology but their music is hauntingly beautiful, and captivates the soul.

Time has not diminished the quality of Celtic music still played around the world today.