Loreena McKennitt and Musings on History

Something happens to me when I hear Celtic music. I feel as though something deep within my soul is being awakened, like it’s calling me home. Forgive my candor, but it’s just the way it is. This is why we started this blog, because we both feel there is something indescribably special about Celtic music, culture, and history. I will forever have a soft spot for everything Celtic. If they ever prove that reincarnation is possible, then I’m sure I’ve lived several past lives as a Celt. Time is an illusion. My mere physical Stuhrling can never be accurate in this sense. And, yet, I need it.

I often wonder what life used to be like in those ancient times. Some things surely must’ve been tougher, like obtaining food or having a comfortable bed. But then again, what do I know? What is history anyway? We often have these conversations. We admire the Celts, they were strong and wise people who fought hard and played hard. They were innovative and creative – they created weapons, jewelry, and works of art that are still not forgotten.

Have you ever heard of Loreena McKennitt? We hadn’t until recently are now totally obsessed, why didn’t we know about her sooner? She’s magical. She’s a captivating songstress and a wonderful artist whose voice weaves enchanting stories. She’s Canadian, but she’s of Irish and Scottish descent. She’s our latest discovery and we decided she deserved a place on our sacred blog because she’s really amazing.

She has been active since the mid-1980s, but it’s only in the first half of the 1990s when she started to really get recognition. Four of her albums were certified either silver, gold, or platinum in different countries. She has released ten studio albums to date and won numerous honors and awards for her artistry. She plays a number of different instruments, including the harp and the accordion. Before she recorded her first album, she became interested in the Celtic culture and it inspired her to learn how to play the Celtic harp. She really went all the way!

Artists like her still keep the Celtic music and culture alive. They are kindred spirits who appreciate the times past and the mysticism around the Celtic people. With her and musicians alike, we won’t be needing a time machine any time soon, their music transports us to where we need to be. You just have to enjoy the ride.