Famous Celtic Bands and All Time Classic Celtic Tunes

There are far too many of both to be listed here. Celtic music has been played for a 1,000 years or more in one form or another. The bands that played it wrote great Celtic tunes as well as made a name for themselves.

For the purpose of this blog post, we will focus on more modern band names and the great Celtic songs they have brought into existence.

If you have heard of Celtic Thunder 

You probably have heard of the Celtic Women. The latter group has become very popular over the years and they hold many concerts each year to bring Celtic music to their fans. Their music though seems to be more traditional than other groups play and Danny Boy is one example of their style singing.

Gaelic Storm hails from California and they play some great Celtic music which originates in the Appalachian Region of the US. Much of their music is given Celtic overtones to make their sound more distinct and unique.

Ireland is not to be left out of this list as they have one top group singing beautiful Celtic music at their concerts. Lark and Spur who got their start singing on Paris streets and are a duet and not a full group.

Irish Descendants is a Canadian group who stuck to the Newfoundland region of Canada for the most of their 20 plus years of existence. They have also played throughout Canada as well.

In what seems to be a very unique place for a Celtic to group to come from orthodox Celts hail from Serbia. Their focus is on traditional Celtic tunes with a little rock influence

Some Great Celtic Songs 

It is hoped that you have heard of these Celtic songs and we mean no offense if we did not list your favorite one or your favorite Celtic group. To pick all time classics is not an easy task to do as everyone has their own idea about what is a classic Celtic song.

We hope you like the ones on this list. Starting with Black is the Color its serene melody brings the song into classic territory and it is accompanied by Heart is the Ocean a wonderful love ballad.

Not to be outdone is Down by the Sally Gardens which is also a ballad about love and love that was lost. If you are not into remembering lost loves then Uncle Dan is a popular drinking song that should help drive your worries and cares away.

Come on Eileen and Sweet thing also help Celtic music lovers enjoy a great evening of entertainment.

Last verse

The wealth of great Celtic tunes and bands make exploring the Celtic music world worth the time and effort. The tradition, the innovation and other awe inspiring influences provide Celtic music with a deep rich sound that can only be described as music to your ears.